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r/StockMarket – OCGN | Preventive US Covid Mutations Strategy

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OCGN ( Ocugen, Inc. ) Low Market cap, Covid-19 Mutations Play

This trading week interim Phase 3 II data will potentially be released for Covaxin and an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) application will shortly follow for the USA from OCGN. (Major Catalyst)

OCGN – Will receive royalties for the vaccine, COVAXIN, at a 45% rate from all sales in the USA, from a partnership with a well know vaccine maker Bharat Biotech. USA EUA Submission timeline is April, as stated by the company.

Covaxin plays an important role because it is one of the only vaccines that has been shown to have a high defense to current and potentially future mutations of the virus.

Covid Mutations already: LINK | Covaxin is different: LINK

With the major catalyst from above in mind, if you take a look at when Phase 3 Interim II results came out for Pfizer’s vaccine, they were only about a month apart.

Pfizer’s Vaccine, Interim Phase 3 I: Nov 9, 2020 LINK

Pfizer’s Vaccine, Interim Phase 3 II: Dec 10, 2020 LINK

Covaxin Vaccine, Interim Phase 3 I: Mar 3, 2021 LINK

I am expecting Interim Phase 3 II results for Covaxin within this trading week, from the timeline given in the above Pfizer example.

Notable recent events:


Business Journal Article on CEO & EUA, April 1, 2020: LINK

Mexico approves EUA of Covaxin, April 6, 2021: LINK

Current Price, 4/6/2021: ~$6.35

Average Analyst Forecast: $12.50 LINK

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