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r/StockMarket – Follow up to the news about NIO; and amusing update on Jim Cramer losing his mind.

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Hey again,

So after my last post about NIO’s news, and the hilarity of Jim Cramer in his attempt to manipulate NIO’s price – clearly trying to get NIOgang to sell – which as I mentioned in my last post in edit 2 he deleted 1, 2; well, now it’s even weirder.

First, you all should know that NIO has more good news recently: in an interview for the ceremony NIO had commemorating their 100,000th EV produced, NIO’s CEO Willie Li Bin has mentioned that they man plan to be more ‘aggressive and higher’ in their target of 500 battery swap stations built this year; meaning they’re probably planning on building more since he’s saying the 500 is a conservative goal; here’s the link.

Moreover, it’s also been revealed in this interview that once NIO’s ET7 is out, they’ll be planning on releasing another sedan that will be more competitive with Tesla’s model 3; here’s the link. Also, he’s said that NIO will be planning on building more plans in order to meet the production capacity, and that the intelligent EV industrial park NIO’s building with the Hefei municipal gov will start on April 29–big news!

So more infrastructure, more models, and more production is coming for NIO–that’s great right? Absolutely yes; NIOgang loves NIO and we like the stock (GME and u/TheRoaringKitty respect)…so where does amusement come in again? That’s right, Jim Cramer again! Lmfao.

Jim Cramer has effectively lost his mind in his attempt to try and cause more of a drop in NIO’s price; perhaps his suit buddies weren’t happy that he deleted his original bearish tweet. Well, he’s now back at it; he has just put another tweet out saying that NIO isn’t as good as Tesla; and why would you trust the Chinese Tesla bla bla bla; here’s a link.

First off, this is stupid from Cramer. It wasn’t very long ago–in January this year in fact, that he was saying NIO is the next Tesla. Here’s the link. So it looks dumb on his part to flip-flop like this in such a short time frame–although short might be a reason…him and his suit friends, that is.

Secondly, those of us who’ve payed attention to Tesla’s history, knows that Cramer is no friend of Tesla. Do you of you remember when Cramer was saying Tesla is a bad investment? Here the link to refresh your memories; Cramer actually called Tesla a “bad company” years ago.

I think we’re simply seeing Cramers opportunism; simply flip flop when it suits him and his friends at the expense of the retail investors. What’s hilarious is that NIOgang is really going after him on his twitter, some favorites include 1, 2, 3

I want to say thank you to all of you for the appreciation you showed to my last post; look I know that most of what I like to talk about is NIO–but like many of you AMC, GME, PLTR, TSLA, etc.,. apes who’re passionate about your diamonds, and yes I agree, I love them too–I’m just as passionate about NIO. What’s funny is that I first learned about NIO here way before I even had a reddit account.

I hate both countries governments, theirs and ours–but I love NIO, I like the stock; and I’m pretty sure GME gang, AMC gang, and NIOgang are really all family; and we stand against serial manipulators like Cramer and his suit buddies he serves.

Thanks everyone; stay long and strong.

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