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Apple Could Be Working On An Apple Watch With A Wrap Around Display

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Apple Could Be Working On An Apple Watch With A Wrap Around DisplayWith rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking into flexible displays for a future iPhone, we can’t say that this recent patent comes as a surprise. According to the folks at MacRumors, they have come across a patent filed by Apple in which it seems to suggest that Apple is exploring the idea of an Apple Watch with a wrap around display.

What this means is that the entire watch itself, including the band, will be made out of a single flexible display. By doing so, in theory it would allow the watch to show more information across the entire band instead of simply on the face itself. It sounds like an interesting idea, although we’re not sure how practical it will be.

However, Apple does describe some novel uses for such a gadget, where users can easily switch the band’s design on the fly. Right now, Apple users can change the face of their watch. However, changing the band is more of a physical process and users would need to buy them separately, but a digital band means that users can download and swap them easily as it’s only a matter of changing what’s shown on the flexible display.

There is no guarantee that Apple will make this patent a reality, so maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet, but interestingly enough, Apple isn’t alone in thinking about such an ideal. A few years ago, Lenovo actually showed off a proof of concept device which came in the form of a phone with a flexible display that wrapped around the user’s wrist.

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